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We have built and shipped about 50 Data Collection and Transmission Systems to NOAA for Arctic applications since 1994. Last year we were tasked to make an inexpensive system that would allow accurate Radiometer measurements to be made from a remote site. Some very expensive and sophisticated designs were previously tried to keep the lenses from ice buildup with no success. Oceantronics reviewed the problem and built a system based on our knowledge. This system used large solar panel arrays, blowers and heaters to keep the lenses clear. Collected data indicates that this method has been successful.

This year we shipped additional systems to NOAA and they were installed at the North Pole. We were asked if we could provide a camera at the North Pole that would allow NOAA to display pictures live. We researched the problem and shipped a web camera integrated with an Iridium Modem to NOAA. The modem was from NAL Research and the web camera was from Stardot. This inexpensive effort has proved to be quit a success! Pictures are taken every 6 hours and displayed on the NOAA web site. Additional information on the effort is on the NOAA Web Page . The integration effort of Vance Kozik of Stardot made this a success. The background picture of this page is from the NOAA North Pole Data Base where all camera pictures may be viewed.

NOAA/PMEL folks know that they can call us anytime 24 hours a day for help. Even if it is not about our systems we will help. We are very proud of this relationship and believe it is the secret to success.


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