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Since 1993 Oceantronics has been the principal supplier of scientific data collection systems to NOAA/PMEL for projects in the Arctic. To date we have delivered more than 40 systems. We are presently providing systems for a project at the North Pole with delivery in March of 2005.

Over the last 8 years Oceantronics has integrated and installed commercial radars, GPS systems and peripheral equipment on surface ships and most of the fast attack submarines stationed at Pearl Harbor. We have also provided Land Mobile Radio's, and Oceantronics products like Hi Plot, SeaPlot and SeaLink to many Navy ships.

As a systems integrator, Oceantronics often modifies commercial products for the needs of the Navy and other federal agencies. We have delivered a large commercial radar to the new missile launch site on Kodiak Island. This system includes a sophisticated Furuno Radar, a modified antenna systems to augment tracking aircraft and a sophisticated radar processor designed and manufactured by SSR Engineering. This radar represents the cutting edge in COTS Radars modified for Navy use!

If you have a unique requirement for a tactical system solution look to Oceantronics for quick, reliable, and inexpensive solutions.

As a Telemetry Systems integrator we are able to provide the test ranges with systems and subsystems at competitive prices. Our relationship with suppliers allows us to provide deep discounts to the end user and our overhead rates are the lowest in the industry.


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